“Thought by thought and action by action, we are sculpting our future. The future is not in the sun and moon and stars; it is not in the planets. The future is the past modified in the present.” – Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

The vast richness of rural India and its people’s potential needs to be harnessed. Rural to urban migration is rampant. Cities are becoming crowded and unmanageable. Urban and rural divide is increasing. Out of 70% of rural India, 40% is still very backward in remote areas. Remote India specially is left far behind. CORD’s future expansion would be in these unreached areas. It will first focus in a Panchayat as a unit to implement its comprehensive integrated rural development program as per the local needs and context.

For this CORD will identify local women and men as leaders from these areas and impart them training at CORD Training Centre Sidhbari. CORD will then support these leaders to develop the identified needy remote Panchayat. The oasis of change in this Panchayat would serve as an example too for rural transformation for other stakeholders to learn and emulate. CORD envisages Rural Prosperity the Rural Way, by preserving and enhancing rural India’s immense diversity and its varied hues of life rather than merely copying cities.

Interested people and stakeholders wanting to develop a panchayat in remote rural India please contact us at cordsidhbari@gmail.com.