Looking at the grassroot need of the hour for brilliant, well educated people to bring rural people especially poor to the centre-stage of development as partners beyond mere beneficiaries of various programs and schemes. CORD is launching is next two year Fellowship Program. This Fellowship would enable bright young men and women with academic and professional expertise to get involved in CORD’s initiatives of comprehensive integrated rural development to improve the lives of people in rural India.

The fellows will work under the close supervision of Dr. Kshama Metre, National Director CORD in association with the Chief Operating Officer CORD and concerned Program Team Leads. They are expected to perform broadly the following functions besides specific assignment during the period of two years.

  1. Work with the inclusive community institutions of rural people with special emphasis on their capacity building and their access to rights and entitlements.

  2. Facilitate capacity building of community institutions in livelihood, local self-governance like Upgramsabhas and Gramsabhas in Panchayati Raj, microcredit through Self Help Groups (SHGs),livelihoods in farm and allied sector and non-farm and service sector, activities groups and production and retails outlets for backward and forward linkages. Besides these programs other programs of CORD is health, nutrition, sanitation hygiene, empowerment of Person with disability, Social Justice are some of the other program of CORD in which a Fellow could contribute.

  3. Conduct baselines, socio-economic studies and analysis of the area and contribute to the ascertaining needs ofthelocal people/area in participatory manner

  4. Networking with various government, NGOs and agencies working in the area of rural development and allied sector.

  5. Effective implementation of CORD’s program in collaboration with various agencies and stakeholders.

  6. Action based research and implementation of program in synergy with rural communities.

  7. Design and implement various innovative program ideas

  8. Specific assignment as per program vision and organic evolution

  9. Feedback and monitoring of various program initiatives

The tenure of this fellowship is for two years.

Fellows will work after initial induction and immersion at CORD’s National Director’s Office and Training Centre in Sidhbari, district Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Initially fellows will be paid Rs. 15,000/- per month for first year. Fellows have to stay in CORD’s provided sharing facility (food and accommodation) which is subsidised @Rs.3000/- per month. Field related travel costs locally and outstation work of CORD will be provided by CORD on actual basis. Increment upto 10% of Fellowship for second year of Fellowship depends upon the performance of the Fellow during first year. Fellows are bound by vision, culture, rules and regulations of CORD during the fellowship period.

Fellows will be awarded with a certificate of excellence for the Fellowship after successful completion of the Fellowship.

In addition to learning and contribution, successful Fellows would get an opportunity from CORD with increment in salary to work in the organisation for future.

Graduates and post-graduate with minimum 60% marks. Soft skills, communication and interaction and proficiency in computers are minimum requirement.

Selection criteria and decision is discretion of National Director’s office, Himachal Pradesh.

Last date for application is 15 February 2021 (potential candidates can contact the person below for application round the year with potential deadline date etc)

Fellowship is expected to start from 1st April 2021.

Contact for more details:

Narender Paul, Chief Operating Officer CORD, +91-981-665-5592

CORD’s National Director office and Training Centre, V.P.O Sidhbari (now Baghni), Tehsil Dharmshala, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh – 176 057

Ph:+91-1892-236987, 234322 Email: cordsidhbari@gmail.com