“The entire destiny of our life lies in our own hands. We can rebuild our own future.” – Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

CORD believes that the dormant spirit alluded to by Gurudev needs to be awakened within each one of us. In keeping with this belief, CORD’s mission is to facilitate participatory, integrated, and sustainable development for rural poor. The objectives of CORD are to comprehensively address, through community-based activities, issues related to the areas of poverty, health, disability, education, social injustice, environment, and local self-governance.

All issues within the above are resolved by linking the relevant program components to the community-based organizations of women, men, youth, and children, and by providing specific training required to implement them. The mediums for community interventions for CORD are the community-based organizations that it nurtures and empowers. Self-unfoldment and self-discovery to realize one’s inner wealth are an integral part of CORD’s programs.

Outreach Chart

S.NoParticulars of OutreachHimachal PradeshTamil NaduOdishaTotal
SidhbariSatellite SitesSiruvaniTMPKDeuladhiaLathikatta
1.1Number of Village/hamlets6706424317045904
1.2Total Number of Village Panchayats2438610811286
1.3Total number of wards in the above Panchayat730486246911531130
1.4Number of Focused Village Panchayats578567487
1.5Number of wards in Focused Panchayats3054851427953578
1.6Total Municipal Panchayats4040019
2Community Based Organization
2.1Number of Mahila Mandals7424669771111011146
2.2Total number of Mahila Mandal's Member289711229319623804149355143476
2.3Number of Self Help Groups15957657652311852209
2.4Total Number of Self Help Groups Member218028447339192547229529140
2.5Number of Farmer Clubs/Men's Clubs1815116181381
2.6Number of Women Farmer Groups20503290219
2.7Number of Youth(Boys) Groups100535225
2.8Number of Adolscent Girls Groups(Yuvti Smuh)623732121918180
2.9Number of Bal Vihars644140226417248
2.10Up Gram Sabhas/Palli Sabhas Facilitated Annually2251910757158221787
2.11Number of Gram Sabhas Facilitated6913243016102254
3Community Based Livelihood
3.1Farm and Allied Sector Beneficiaries3741105624466941505374613188
3.2Non Farm and Service Sector Beneficiaries8112212750156751529611452
4Community Based Health Services
4.1Number of Toilets Facilitated and Build Annually313585411854522573345
4.2Number of Soakage Pits Annually846497060262261691
4.3Number of Garbage Pits Annualy18475691015619303432
4.4Number of Kitchen garden promoted annually817182950015501505158314138
4.5Number of VHSNC facilitated and strengthened annully10660010113
5Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of the Disabled
5.1CBR beneficiaries with disabilities till date1950587014735452305
6Social Justice & Informal Legal Cell
6.1Total Cases registered till date10401000001050
6.2Total Cases Resolved till date77650000781
7Any Others
7.1Number of Patients in OPD/MCH Services annually6592030050009597
8No. of Trainings/workshop for other stakeholders20290283222131
9No. of Training/workshop held for beneficiaries14011003156
10Swadhya Group738128121114

Outreach for the financial year April 2019 – March 2020. Sidhbari Satellite Sites include Chamba, Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab