“The entire destiny of our life lies in our own hands. We can rebuild our own future.” – Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

CORD believes that the dormant spirit alluded to by Gurudev needs to be awakened within each one of us. In keeping with this belief, CORD’s mission is to facilitate participatory, integrated, and sustainable development for rural poor. The objectives of CORD are to comprehensively address, through community-based activities, issues related to the areas of poverty, health, disability, education, social injustice, environment, and local self-governance.

All issues within the above are resolved by linking the relevant program components to the community-based organizations of women, men, youth, and children, and by providing specific training required to implement them. The mediums for community interventions for CORD are the community-based organizations that it nurtures and empowers. Self-unfoldment and self-discovery to realize one’s inner wealth are an integral part of CORD’s programs.

Outreach Chart

S.NoParticulars of OutreachHimachal PradeshTamil NaduOdishaTotal
SidhbariSatellite SitesSiruvaniTMPKDeuladhiaLathikatta
1.1Number of Village/hamlets6676467378255972
1.2Population of Village covered229557861743381189994190522205367664
1.3Total Number of Village Panchayats19888101010244
1.4Population of the Panchayat covered369473861743381189994190548918531293
1.5Total number of wards in the above Panchayat12234878521131211635
1.6Total no. of wards covered in the above panchayats664486048113871020
1.7Number of Focused Village Panchayats74877104110
1.8Population of Focused Panchayats163873861734026182994190522155288875
1.9Number of wards in Focused Panchayats46648664811345786
1.10Total Number of households in focus Panchayats384011747881642039068492167156
1.11Total number o households covered in focus Panchayats229541292361925039068360543041
1.12Total Municipal Panchayats4040008
1.13Total Population of Muncipal Panchayats4723504306600093301
1.14Population of the ward covered under Muncipal Panchayats44950680000011295
1.15Total No. of Non-Khas Panchayats12401306134
2Community Based Organization
2.1Number of Mahila Mandals7775091861441231271
2.2Total number of Mahila Mandal's Member313941319358927846116560150803
2.3Number of Self Help Groups16308062642432162295
2.4Total Number of Self Help Groups Members222148787679102666251229947
2.5Total Number of SHG Saving till date1134480002096120874533026633900966536013467438174056148
2.6Total Bank Loan this year141418500800000410000010940400787000015150000180278900
2.7Total Bank Loan till date65200000030000003933100027487400202317005368980079573900
2.8Number of Farmer Clubs/Men's Clubs1813105181074
2.9Total Number of members in Farmer Club/Men's clubs217179250704161721304
2.10Number of Women Farmer Groups21004790230
2.11Total Number of members in Women Farmer Club394306021023604449
2.12Number of Youth (Boys) Groups annually10147013
2.13Total Number of members in Youth (Boys) Group this year24020671860297
2.14Number of Adolescents Girls Groups(Yuvti Smuh) annually73353512201176
2.15Total Number of members in Adolescent Girls Groups(Yuvti Smuh) this year65345235313621781819
2.16Number of Bal Vihars, annually74414527780265
2.17Total Number of members in Bal Vihar annually86561771060681503613
2.18Up Gram Sabhas/Palli Sabhas Facilitated Annually45612102811210628
2.19Number of Gram Sabhas Facilitated this year195141516196265
3Community Based Livelihood
3.1Farm and Allied Sector Beneficiaries annually38484682889161524858611391
3.2Non Farm and Service Sector Beneficiaries annually517570010831831742266
3.3No. of above livelihood beneficiaries who need special COVID support3182032301412266
4Community Based Health Services
4.1Number of Toilets Facilitated and Build this year2948105235125299
4.2Number of Soakage Pits this year121568121539462070
4.3Number of Garbage Pits this year198980526012452877
4.4Number of Kitchen garden promoted this year18178263992900173024855498473
4.5Number of VHSNC facilitated and strengthened this year288411345
4.6Number of School Management Committee (SMC) this year3810503056
5Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of the Disabled
5.1CBR beneficiaries with disabilities till date27009312023345953286
5.2Number of Chinmaya Umang Groups15200906167
5.3Total Number of members in Chinmaya Umang Groups1520001500451715
6Social Justice & Informal Legal Cell Assistance
6.1Total Cases registered till date1089000021091
6.2Total Cases Resolved till date80200002804
7Any Others
7.1Number of Patients in OPD/MCH Services annually5010254900183068
7.2No. of Trainings/workshop held for beneficiaries annually2264395272893512
7.3No. of training for CORD workers this year164119211715129
7.4No. of Training conducted for other stakeholders annually1226110255160
7.5No. of Interns this year4442200070
7.6No. of Volunteer this year201000012
7.7No. of Fellows this year1000001
7.8Swadhya Group8916111011128
7.9Total number of members in Swadhaya Groups9881671082451121530
7.10Farmer Producer Group1000203
7.11No. of members in Farmers Producer Group162000500212
8Pregnant, Lactating & Newly married women counseling26800000268
8.1Children 0-2 years follow-up17000000170
9Number of Tabla Learning Children140000014
9.1Number of Flute Learning Children110000011
9.2Number of Bhajan Learning Children210000021
10Any Other001900019

Outreach for the financial year April 2021 – March 2022. Sidhbari Satellite Sites include Chamba, Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab