communitym based

CORD is working to create awareness regarding natural resources management in CBOs and villages. CORD work and assist interested CBOs to forge ahead to explore and survey their resources with few entry point activities to initiate participatory integrated and sustainable natural resources management program in a selected area. This includes mobilization and sensitization of beneficiaries and stakeholders, identification and prioritization of issues by micro-planning, formation of stakeholder groups like VDCs (village development committee), WC (Watershed Committee), User groups through CBOs and implementation of activities planned. The inter-relationship of the seven Js – Jal, Jungle, Jameen, Jan, Janwar, Jivika, Jalvayu (Water, Forest, Land, Human, Animals, Livelihood, Air) – is highlighted and communities are mobilized to take appropriate actions to protect the environment and the ecology while promoting livelihood with natural resource managemetnt .

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