“There are infinite possibilities in each one of us. We must learn the art of tapping these mighty resources within.” – Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

CORD Sri Lanka is a separate organization from CORD India, registered independently in Sri Lanka.

After the tsunami devastated Southeast Asia in December 2004, Guruji directed Dr. Metre to visit Sri Lanka with Smt. Gowerie Mahenthiran to find out what could be done to rehabilitate the people in Batticaloa, an eastern province of Sri Lanka.

With the international NGOs providing relief items, the people of Batticaloa had become habituated to receiving dole-outs. However, CORD’s model focused on empowering these people and enabling them to become self-reliant. Initially, only a handful joined CORD’s efforts, forming the first Self-Help Group (SHG) in Sri Lanka.

Following the success in Batticaloa, CORD began work at Ramboda and later in Jaffna and Killinochchi in 2009 after the end of the civil war in these locations.

Some of the activities undertaken by CORD in Sri Lanka include:

  • Empowering war widows, orphans, single-parent families living below the poverty level, and disabled people in the war-ravaged areas
  • Creating Mahila Mandals and SHGs by working with thousands of women in the region
  • Helping SHGs access loans from banks, besides inter-loaning among themselves with their savings
  • Providing training in income generation, communication, leadership, marketing, and other aspects to make people self-reliant
  • Providing opportunities to earn through sewing, embroidery and patchwork quilting, mat-making and weaving bags from palmyra leaves, candle making, manufacturing washing powder, cultivating mushrooms, and preparing snacks and spices powder
  • Nurturing Build-A-Future Program, a special initiative of CORD Sri Lanka to support the education of 133 vulnerable and poverty-stricken children by providing them with books, uniforms, and nutritious food
  • Providing nursing training through the Home Nurse Training Program, established in Colombo in June 2010