Divya and Indu are two lively, cheerful girls full of energy doing their graduation in Hindu college in Tiruninravur. These two girls are CORD Balavihar products who have now become Balavihar Resource persons in Velliyur Panchayat. They conduct Balavihar during the weekends for the children in and around their village. When CORD asked them, “What motivates you to take Balavihar classes?”

Divya replied, “I started attending CORD Balavihar when I was ten. Balavihar exposed me to stories from Puranas, value education, and helped me practice these values in school and other places. I was taught to face success and failure with equal courage. Although I was raised in a village, I embrace and am comfortable with both my traditional culture and the culture of the city/college. I am indebted to CORD and their team, who have trained me to be a Balavihar resource person. I wish to give back to my village what CORD gave me as a child. This is what motivates me to take Balavihar.”

Indu says, “CORD Balavihar taught us culture and value for patriotism and introduced us to many leaders, poets, and saints whose life stories have inspired us. Balavihar empowered me with communication skills, confidence, and zeal to face life. CORD provides lesson plans, activities, and materials twice a year for the Balavihar class. As a Balavihar resource person, I learn new things and stay updated on current events. I am glad I can share the knowledge that I have learned. I love my time with the children and am proud to be part of CORD and its integrated rural development program. This is what motivates me to take Balavihar.”

CORD has shared testimonials of two Balavihar children who have become resource persons. However, many more children on the list have achieved this milestone.