Jhigara Oram

Jhigara Oram

Every human needs food, shelter, clothing, education, health, sanitation, drinking water, etc., to sustain life. To avail these, every individual takes up certain initiatives to address his livelihood issues. This case study is about Jhigara Oram and how he secured his livelihood through vegetable cultivation.

Jhiraga Oram belongs to Timjore village under the Lathikata Block of Sundergarh district. He has two sons with his wife, Sukhmani. He was not in a condition to earn a livelihood for his family as he contracted polio. Apart from that, due to the premature death of his elder brother, Birua Oram, he had to look after the five members of his elder brother. Jhigara was always in grief about how to manage his own and his elder brother’s family. He has no alternate source of income to overcome the family’s financial constraints.

Due to this difficult situation, Jhigara joined a private institution as an agent. However, he was unable to manage his family with his low income. There was an irregularity of monthly payments to him. He quit that institution after three months. Disappointed, he prayed to god how to overcome his problems. At that time, his wife came across a Field worker of CORD named Lathikata, and she was inspired to join the Ch. Ganga Self-Help Group (SHG) of that village. She also joined SHG. After a few months, she took a loan of rupees fifty thousand from her group. She brought a new tractor with help from the bank. She earned a good income from the tractor and returned the loan amount of SHG on an installment basis. But she could not repay the bank loan. So, the bank seized that tractor from her. Community development worker encouraged them not to lose their patience. Jhigara had a few acres of agricultural land and lift irrigation facilities in the village, so they decided to start vegetable cultivation. For the first time, they started vegetable cultivation on 75 acres of land. He grew brinjal, ladies finger, pumpkin, and tomato in his garden. He worked hard, and his family members helped greatly in this venture. CORD workers assisted in providing technical knowledge to raise nursery, plant, water, weed, fertilize, and harvest the crops. He is earning Rs 15000 – 18000/- per month from this activity. He got Rs 35000/- as profit in last three months. Jhiraga Oram is now able to manage his large family smoothly. His two sons and his brother’s younger daughter study at a local college. He also helped in his elder brother’s daughter’s marriage. He has commercially taken this venture. He has planned to extend his vegetable cultivation up to 2 acres of land in the coming winter by adopting an organic way of vegetable cultivation.

During the field visit of the CORD worker, Jhigara quotes that with the financial assistance of Ch. Ganga, SHG, and technical support of CORD workers have overcome the family’s financial constraints. He also revealed that every farmer should bring good income for the family by utilizing the existing resources like land, water, manpower, technical knowledge, and time by discharging hard work and enthusiasm.