The Story of the Swadhyay Group

The Story of the Swadhyay Group

The Swadhyay group is located in Gram Panchayat Lilli, Nagrota Block, Ward No. 5, and is led by VRP Ejala Devi. Formed with the cooperation of CORD, this group of ten members gathers monthly in each member’s home, rotating the venue to foster unity and inclusiveness. Their meetings, consistently held on the 15th of each month, are a testament to their commitment and participation.

Each session is a blend of devotion and learning. The hosting member prepares the space for worship, setting up Gurudev’s post and creating an atmosphere conducive to Satsang. Prasad is prepared, ‘Om’ is chanted thrice, followed by ‘Om Chinmay Sadgurve Namah’ recited 11 times, and the recitation of the Guru Stotram. The group delves into discussions on Garbh Sanskar and thoughtful exchanges over lessons from their self-development guidebook, enhancing their understanding and extending these teachings to their families.

The impact of Swadhyay extends beyond these meetings. Members attend Satsang on Sundays, deepening their spiritual journey through listening and discussion. This practice has fostered a serene environment in their homes, calming minds, and solidifying their dedication to spirituality. Inspired by the Swadhyay group, a Balvihar Group has also been formed to impart these values to their children.

The group’s gatherings culminate with an aarti for Gurudev, followed by reciting ‘Shanti’ and distributing prasad, symbolizing their shared journey towards inner peace and spiritual growth. The Swadhyay group stands as a beacon of communal harmony and spiritual development, inspiring not just its members but the broader community.