The Story of the Swadhyay Group

The Story of the Swadhyay Group

In Jogipur Panchayat, Ward No. 5, the Swadhyay group, led by VRP Sudesh Kumari, thrives with a strong sense of community and spiritual growth. The group, consisting of 12 dedicated members, gathers for meetings on the 9th of each month at 11:00 a.m., ensuring full attendance and active participation.

Managed by CORD Sidhbari, the group alternates meeting venues between the temple and members’ homes. This approach not only nurtures a sense of inclusivity but also allows the members to share and implement Swadhyay teachings within their families. Each meeting is an immersive experience, involving the setting up of a worship post, preparation of prasad, and the chanting of ‘Om’ three times and ‘Om Shri Chinmaya Sadgurve Namah’ 11 times, followed by the recitation of four verses of the Guru Stotram. These sessions also include engaging discussions based on a self-development guidebook, fostering a collective learning environment.

This consistent practice of Swadhyay has profoundly impacted the members’ spiritual development, cultivating a deep sense of service, positivity, and inner peace. The group’s philosophy extends beyond the meetings, as they practice satsang at home, enhancing their faith in God and devotion. Through these gatherings, members explore the purpose of human life, develop discernment, and strengthen their focus on devotion.

The Swadhyay group exemplifies unity, with all members enthusiastically participating in discussions, learning, and spiritual practices, including performing aarti for Gurudev and reciting Shanti. This journey of the Swadhyay group is a testament to the power of collective spiritual practice in fostering personal growth, unity, and a deeper understanding of life’s purpose.