Mahila Mandals

Helping women soar through community action

Transforming lives, building futures

We are proud to have the Mahila Mandals as a formidable force in our efforts to facilitate the development of rural women. These women’s groups are passionately dedicated to enhancing financial, social, and political access by providing women with the necessary resources, skills, and knowledge.

Our aim is to strengthen rural women’s decision-making capacity and create a platform for them to tackle the unique challenges they face in their communities.

Unlocking the potential of rural women

The program specifically targets women who face numerous obstacles such as poverty, lack of education, limited access to healthcare, and gender-based discrimination.

Women who are a part of our Mahila Mandals benefit immensely from the support and resources offered, giving them a chance to transform their lives.

Making a difference. Enabling women.

One of the most notable consequences of our tenacious efforts is the financial empowerment of women. We provide training in diverse income-generating activities and grant access to microcredit programs, enabling women to start their own businesses. Our programs help increase income and financial stability for women and their families, ultimately contributing to the overall economic growth of the community.

We encourage social empowerment by providing women with a chance to take on leadership roles in their communities and participate in local governance. By participating in local governance, women are able to advocate for their rights, leading to more equitable societies.

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Exploring the inner workings of the Mahila Mandal program

We have crafted our Mahila Mandal program as a community-based initiative to work in close collaboration with local women’s groups. We begin by forming and strengthening women’s groups in rural communities. These groups are trained in various areas, including financial management, leadership, and community development. We then provide essential resources such as microcredit, equipment, and support to start their businesses.

With regular meetings, the groups discuss community issues and develop strategies to tackle them. We also offer women training and education on health, hygiene, and nutrition, supporting their overall well-being. Our Mahila Mandals support women’s participation in local governance, advocating for their rights, and enabling them to become effective catalysts for improvement in their communities. All the programs are initiated through the Mahila Mandals. They converge and diverge from Mahila Mandal.

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Numbers that make a difference

Stories of courage and resilience

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