Devaki Devi

Devaki Devi

Smt. Devaki, from a modest family with her husband and two sons, and two married daughters living with their in-laws, found a new direction with CORD’s rural development programs. Interacting with CORD team members, she joined Chinmaya Kafali Mahila Mandal in 2016 and later, the Chinmaya Shiv Shankar Self Help Group (SHG). These groups gave her a platform to improve her socio-economic status and voice her family’s challenges.

With a small loan from her SHG, Devaki began backyard poultry, goat rearing, and farming, supplemented by financial aid from CORD. These ventures started yielding a modest income of Rs. 1500-2000 per month, motivating her to expand her petty shop with CORD’s partial support. Her earnings have now increased to Rs. 3000-4000 monthly.

Devaki’s journey didn’t stop there. Despite her limited formal education, she became president of her Mahila Mandal and SHG, realizing her potential and actively contributing to her family and community. Her story is a testament to empowerment and independence, as she confidently states, “With hard work, anyone can overcome poverty and stand on their own feet.”

Living a dignified life with her family, Devaki stands as an inspiration in her village, embodying positive energy and a distinct image. Her story highlights the transformative power of integrated approaches in changing lives.