Rama Devi

Rama Devi

Rama Devi, 39, a widow from Abdullapur Tehsil, Kangra District, faced a dire situation when her husband died from a snake bite. Left with two young children, a 6-year-old girl and a 3-year-old son, and the added challenge of caring for a disabled son who passed away in 2016, her family’s income from daily wages and vegetable farming ceased. Overwhelmed with household responsibilities and a Rs 50,000 loan for house construction from an NRLM-aided SHG, Rama struggled financially.

In 2018, Rama’s Mahila Mandal, previously formed by the Block, joined CORD. As her situation worsened, the Mandal and its members generously contributed, providing immediate relief for her basic needs for 5-6 months.

Intervention and Results:

Recognizing Rama’s sewing talent, CORD provided her with a modern sewing machine. She joined the Gurudhara self-help group, gaining access to tailoring orders and marketing opportunities. The Mahila Mandal members pledged to have at least one suit stitched by Rama, bolstering her income. As a result, Rama now earns Rs 4000-5000 monthly, stitching for 30 members. She finds joy in being able to care for her children and is grateful for the program, which helped her rediscover and utilize her talent, saying, “I have a talent which I never used but with the help of the program, I have been inspired to use my talent properly and fulfill my unfulfilled dreams”