Priya, a daughter of traditional farmers always cherished her bond with the earth. Raised in farming, she joined Velmurugan Mahila Mandal through CORD’s initiative in Vellimalaipattinam in 2016, engaging in agricultural activities. In 2018, a CORD and TNAU-led beekeeping training ignited her passion for apiculture.

She immersed herself in beekeeping, learning through workshops, literature, and mentorships. Her dedication shone, turning her into a proficient beekeeper. Starting with a few beehives, Priya’s diligent care fostered thriving colonies, producing high-quality honey, adding Rs. 6000 monthly to her income.

Despite challenges like adverse weather and colony diseases, Priya persevered, learning financial management through CORD and joining Velmurugan SHG for economic support. Her resilience and adaptability in beekeeping gained her recognition.

Her expertise led to invitations from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and local authorities for conducting beekeeping workshops. Initially reluctant, Priya realized the impact she could make by imparting her knowledge. Her workshops, covering hive management, sustainable practices, and the importance of bees in pollination and ecosystems, became highly sought-after.

Priya’s journey from a farmer to a celebrated beekeeping expert reflects the power of transforming passion into profession. She joined Siruvani Uzhavar Producer Company Limited, selling her honey products in their outlets, thus becoming a symbol of success and empowerment. Her story inspires a community of bee enthusiasts and environmental stewards, perpetuating her legacy of empowerment and ecological care.