Parveen Devi

Parveen Devi

Parveen Devi, from Barwala panchayat in Dharamshala block, faced profound loss and challenges as a young widow, having lost her husband to kidney disease and her in-laws, all within a year. The financial toll of medical treatments left her with two young children and no income.

CORD Intervention and Results:

A CORD Mahila Mandal worker introduced Parveen to the CORD Training Center and its Community Based Livelihood Program. Initially hesitant, she gradually found her footing through training and support from the Livelihood team, which bolstered her confidence. Additionally, CORD’s legal cell guided her in accessing various government benefits for widows.

Today, Parveen is an active participant in the Livelihood Program, where she has honed her stitching skills. This training has empowered her to earn a sustainable income, providing for her children and paving a path toward stability and self-reliance.