Reshan Devi

Reshan Devi

Smt. Reshan Devi, from the remote panchayat Sarotri in Nagrota Bagwan block, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, has been a proactive member of the Chinmaya Radha Swami Mahila Mandal since 2003 and currently serves as its president. She is also a dynamic member of the Chinmaya Chamunda self-help group (SHG) formed by CORD. With her husband working as a laborer, Reshan was determined to enhance her family’s income.

In 2013, she took a strategic step by borrowing Rs 60,000 from her SHG to buy two cows and start a cheese-selling business. She successfully marketed her cheese in Nagrota Bagwan market, 20 km from her home, averaging sales of 25-30 kg per month and earning Rs 4500-5000. Her entrepreneurial journey expanded in 2015 when she received training from CORD in making pine needle products, adding another Rs 1000-1500 to her monthly income.

Smt Reshan Devi’s expertise in pine needle handicrafts has made her a respected trainer, imparting skills to women in neighboring panchayats. Her success in these ventures has not only met her family’s financial needs but also boosted her confidence. She advocates for using SHG loans to start skill-based livelihood activities.

As an influential Mahila Mandal president, she actively leads social and awareness initiatives in her village and participates in gram sabha meetings. Smt. Reshan Devi’s journey exemplifies an empowered leader, inspiring many in her community.