Success Story of CV Girl Arla Tirupatamma Hari Om

Success Story of CV Girl Arla Tirupatamma Hari Om

Arla Thirupathamma, a native of Mangalagiri in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, experienced a profound loss at just eight years old when she tragically lost her parents. Amidst this heart-wrenching ordeal, a ray of hope emerged through the kindness of relatives who introduced her to Chinmaya Vijaya in May 2008.

At Chinmaya Vijaya, Arla found not just a refuge but a foundation for rebuilding her life. Beginning her educational journey in the 3rd grade, the values and nurturing she received were transformative, significantly shaping her character and setting her on a path of excellence.

Arla’s educational pursuits were marked by dedication and excellence. She achieved a 9.7 CGPA at NRI Indian Springs for her schooling and maintained a 95% during her secondary education at NRI Junior College from 2016 to 2018.

Her academic journey continued in Guntur, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, graduating in 2022 with an 8.5 CGPA. Post-graduation, Arla embarked on her professional career as an environmental engineer with Zenith Energy Services Private Limited in Hyderabad.

Throughout her journey, the steadfast support and guidance from Sumathi Amma and Appa Rao Garu were crucial in molding her into a resilient and empathetic individual. Their encouragement and love played a key role in Arla’s growth and achievements.

Arla’s transformation from facing adversity to achieving success is a testament to the nurturing environment of Chinmaya Vijaya and the individuals who supported her. Her journey reflects humility and a deep appreciation for the opportunities and guidance she received, embodying an inspiring story of overcoming challenges and realizing one’s potential.