Children’s group (Bal Vihar)

Uplifting the future of India by encouraging children

“Children are not empty vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit”
- Swami Chinmayananda

Engaging young minds.
Creating lasting impact.

Bal Vihar is a transformative community-based organization (CBO) dedicated to nurturing children and their social consciousness. Our program aims to create a positive impact on young minds through engaging activities, education, and fostering a sense of responsibility. With a strong focus on making learning fun, we strive to improve primary school education while raising awareness about social issues.

Designed for every child's brightest future

Our programs are designed for children from all backgrounds, ranging from primary school students to young adolescents. We believe that every child deserves a chance to grow, learn, and develop their full potential. Bal Vihar caters to children who are eager to explore, engage, and make a difference in their communities. We welcome children from local government schools, private institutions, and various socio-economic backgrounds.

Creating a ripple effect

Our impact on education and beyond

Through Bal Vihar, we are proud to make a positive impact in the following areas

  • Education
  • We enhance children’s education with interactive teaching methodologies, innovative resources, and educational games, as well as encourage their curiosity and creativity

  • Enablement
  • Our program focuses on enabling children by fostering leadership skills, encouraging critical thinking, and nurturing their social awareness

  • Social awareness
  • We sensitize children to various social issues, including but not limited to gender equality, environmental sustainability, drug and alcohol abuse, and inclusivity

  • Health
  • We ensure proper community education and training to imbibe the importance of sanitation in the community along with the ways of ensuring proper healthcare

  • Self-unfoldment
  • Through our various programs, we help build strong unwavering characters in the children of our communities and guide them along the path of spirituality

Engaging activities, enriched minds

Bal Vihar’s program operates through a multi-faceted approach that ensures the development of participating children through

  • Engaging activities
  • We organize a wide range of engaging activities, including interactive workshops, educational games, storytelling sessions, and artistic endeavors. These activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and instill a sense of curiosity and creativity in children.

  • Collaboration with local government schools
  • Bal Vihar actively collaborates with local government schools to provide support and resources for enhancing primary school education. Through this collaboration, we aim to improve infrastructure, training, and access to quality education for all children.

  • Active engagement
  • Bal Vihar acts as a children’s army, where young participants are encouraged to take up social initiatives and contribute to their communities. Balveers are provided with guidance and mentorship to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact on society.

Numbers that make a difference

Stories of courage and resilience

A visual journey through our impact

Bring meaningful change in rural India, donate now to support our mission

Bring meaningful change in rural India – donate now to support our mission